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Miami bros Javier Rodriguez (age 24) and Daniel Armenteros (age 23) inadvertently texted each other an English sonnet this past Saturday afternoon. The piece—in iambic pentameter and ABAB rhyme scheme—was inadvertently constructed as the two friends held a spirited discussion about their weekend plans.

Asked to comment on his accidentally poetic work, Mr. Rodriguez responded with, “What the hell are you talking about, bro?” before blowing a cloud of vape smoke in this reporter’s face, calling him a “soft-ass punk,” and throwing a shoulder into his side as he pushed by.

It was once postulated that an infinite number of monkeys clanging on typewriters for infinity would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. At the very least, this work proves that two Miami bros planning a night out can butcher the Bard’s preferred poetic form over a couple of minutes.

See below for the sonnet in its entirety.

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