El mismo odioso refrán

¿Por qué me lo hace?
The city I cherish?
¿Por qué se deshace?
And let promise perish?

Beaten and bruised and told not to rise,
Forced to the skies and saltwater foam,
Into a land where they were despised.
Welcomed with cries of “Cuban, go home!”

Sudor colectivo ganó la batalla.
Que lástima ver la memoria que falla,
Familias enteras, que no se acuerden,
Del odio y gritos que ya no suceden.

Amnesic offspring to their refugee past,
Then denigrate others to unwanted castes.
Acento extraño o piel más marrón,
Relega al otro ser vago, ladrón.

“Mono y puta y gran maricón,”
Slide off the tongue with a casual tone.
“Indios, los chusmos, no hay nada peor.
Everyone knows public school girls are whores.”

Y “Cálmate, ya. Te vas a matar.
It’s all in good fun. It’s just how we are.
Don’t be so uptight. Why should you get mad?
Vergüenza huyó de esta ciudad.”

Ni sé si lo ven, si saben que están,
Cantando el mismo odioso refrán,
Their parents drowned out with a furious yell,
“Miami’s our home, and you go to hell!”

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Andrew OtazoAndrew Otazo

'Miami Creation Myth' author Andrew Otazo has advised officials on Cuba policy, worked for the Mexican president, fired a tank, and ran with 30lbs of trash.

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