Climate Change in Miami

Miami is in climate change is the most rumor in media now. Many anchors want to use curiosity to tell it’s true. But does Miami really in climate change? Thinking people assure it’s positively no.

Many socialists are making people want to say rising oceans are a sign, but truth is they don’t complain about is many things rise. Breads rise. Elevators rise. Rockets rise. But no socialist complaints on NASA, so what’s your Marx write about that now, commies? Checkmate.

Hurricanes scare scientist climate changers by when they say storms get stronger, but every scientist mostly don’t have biceps. These skinnies don’t know how about gyms. What a gym have with hurricanes, ask you? Wait, you impatient. That is where I’m getting to.

Sure, Hurricane Ian got more strength real faster, but what can proofs have it not get gains at gyms? At least five gyms in world open all the night. Maybe six. What think you gyms don’t let Ians through doors at night? What, they stop Ian outside to say “No Ians Allowed!” Double checkmate.

What about floods where sunny days out, says liberals? But what is in the alternative? Cloudy day floods?? Too many the clouds in the sky already makes everyone sad. Do they want even flooding with that as well to make even sadder??? Libs triple owned checkmate.

Days are all now more hotter, accordingly weathermen. Keep getting more warmth, they say. Fristly, so many things are the more better when warmer. People never eats cold popcorn. That’s just seeds! Thridly, you know what else is hot? Margret Robbie and Mitchell B. Jordan. Weatherpeople complain on Margret and Mitchell?? I thought naught. Look in the mirror, hypocrites!

So, if you are still believe in climate change hoax is in Miami, better get more better brains, people. You are the ones with have the stupid!

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Andrew OtazoAndrew Otazo

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