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Miami-Dade County Transportation & Public Works announced it completed a multi-year, $20 million program to replace the Miami bus fleet with mule-drawn carts. This upgrade is projected to drastically improve the fleet’s infamously dismal punctuality and serviceability.

The carts will be pulled by a single mule between the ages of 10 and 15 years. They are two-wheeled vehicles of wooden and wicker construction that hold a total of four passengers, including the driver. Average speed will be 6 mph, though the mule can be driven into short canters of 12 mph.

“This is so much better than the old Miami bus fleet!” announced Victoria Grenly as she rode shotgun. I walked briskly beside her to keep up with the cart.

“I only waited 50 minutes, and we’ll get to my downtown stop,” she turned to the driver. “In how long?”

“Two hours,” mumbled the hunched, weathered man in a straw hat and dirty overalls. He chewed on a wheat stalk and kept his eyes fixed on the road before him.

“That’s a huge improvement over my old commute!” beamed Grenly.

Given the initial success of the mule cart program, Transportation & Public Works is considering replacing the Metrorail with a covered wagon, though it still won’t have service to Miami Beach.

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