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The Miami Beach Convention Center is gearing up for the South Florida Caro Association’s (SFCA) first annual conference next Thursday and Friday.

“It’s extremely exciting,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber. “We’re expecting tens of thousands of Caros to descend on the city from all over the county. It’ll be a fantastic boost to our local economy.”

Asked why Miami’s collected Caros need a two-day convention, SFCA’s President, Caro Suarez, replied, “We’re a huge and underrepresented constituency. South Florida’s Caros need to organize and pressure our local officials into tackling the issues most important to our community, especially in this political environment.”

The speaker’s lineup is composed of many luminaries and thought leaders, including Caro Fernandez, Caro Rodriguez, Caro Rodriguez Esq., Caro Menendez, another Caro Fernandez, Caro Perez, Dr. Caro Perez, and a third Caro Fernandez.

When questioned about how so many Caros would be differentiated, Suarez responded with, “At this point, we’re just numbering them.”

The Miami Beach Convention Center has a very busy roster, as it needs to prepare for the upcoming Danny, Michelle, and Alex conferences—all scheduled for next month.

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